Weird Us Laws by State

A certain law of the Minnesota state legislature strictly prohibits fattening or oiling pigs for competitions. The law states: “No person shall engage, engage or participate in any competition, game or similar activity in which a greased, oiled or other pig is released and the purpose of which is to catch the pig.” The 50 states of America have some pretty strange laws in their books. We`ve looked at the strangest law in any state so you can wonder if you`re really or always have been a law-abiding citizen. Nevada has had strange and specific laws in the past that have since been repealed, including not driving a camel on the highway and not refusing to hire Communist Party people. One funny law that is still in effect is that it is illegal to throw things from a chairlift. So you can be sure that you won`t be thrown from above while skiing on Lake Tahoe. Speaking of alcohol, it is also illegal to sell alcohol during the hurricane. The state says it`s about limiting people`s ability to throw hurricane parties. So it is essentially for public safety. Apparently, the only time you are allowed to commit crimes is if it is on a Sunday or on a river. Nor can they be stopped on July 4 – this probably defeats the purpose of making fireworks illegal. However, there are cases when fireworks are allowed in this state.

There are many archaic laws in the state of Maryland, but the city of Rockville in particular has some to keep things for its PG citizens. It is an offence to curse and curse or use obscene language on or near a road, sidewalk or highway. So be careful if you drive through Rockville with a severe case of street rabies. Maybe try some fun slang instead. Anyone who has committed a crime cannot play bingo in this state. Maybe this refers to white-collar crime and gambling laws? What makes this law strange isn`t that you can`t buy or sell babies, it`s being a decent person. What makes it strange is that it is an offense. A 91-year-old woman was reportedly arrested after being caught eating fried chicken with a fork in 2009. Also, do not keep a donkey in the bathtub. This is probably related to the way some states prohibit camel hunting.

In Texas, people have spread the word that the law says children can`t have haircuts. However, these are “unusual” reductions. What`s probably even more troubling is that the state has to tell you not to sell your eyeball. However, the sale of body parts refers to organ donation on the black market. A Hangry fool may be in charge of this law, but hey, most sleepy Arkansas sandwich shops are closed at 9 p.m. anyway. If you feel the urge to honk your horn after work hours, you disturb the peace and you will always be hungry. Don`t forget to share this list of strange laws with your friends! This could prevent them from being imprisoned the next time they try to shoot a rabbit from a motorboat. The internet was designed for lists of the strangest laws you didn`t know existed in your state – they`re weird, they`re fun, and after checking them, I can tell you they`re 95% wrong. Most of the popular lists you see on these types of lists, like the fact that you can`t push a moose off a plane in Alaska or take a lion to the movies in Maryland, are either completely made up, long gone, or simply chosen out of their real legal context to look much more eye-catching than they actually are. New Jersey is the last state where you`re not allowed to pump your own gasoline.

Chris Christie has tried to blame women before, but it`s divisive enough that you can probably find the scapegoat of your choice. Either way, stay in your car when you refuel in Jersey. You don`t need to tip the person who comes pumping your gas, but a dollar or two is always good. In Iowa, a landlocked state, drunk surfing or waterskiing is prohibited. According to the state code, it is illegal for a person to drive or handle water skis, surfboards, or similar equipment under the influence of an alcoholic beverage or other drugs. Although Iowa is not really a surfing destination, it has many famous and beautiful lakes. You can`t throw yours out of a moving car in Oregon. Also, don`t think about leaving a container of pee on the side of the highway unless you also want to give the state $250. But that doesn`t mean there aren`t strange, bizarre, absurd laws that are both real and not terrible.

In fact, we found them in every state.