The Total Legal Team

The TotalLegal plan provides access to lawyers for a wide range of legal services and allows you to create common legal documents yourself. Laing O`Rourke O: 7 L: 7 I: 7 — 21 total Madeleina Loughrey-Grant, Group Director of Legal at Laing O`Rourke, the British construction company, encourages employees to think more strategically and feel more engaged. Senior team members have been trained to work collaboratively and increase efficiency. New positions have been created to accommodate the structure of the company rather than areas of law. The TotalLegal plan is a comprehensive legal plan™ that allows you to create many common legal documents and get free and discounted legal services. Sign up for a free trial. Whether it`s developing easy-to-use legal tools for colleagues across the company or supporting an initiative to support Ukrainian refugees, these case studies from the most innovative legal teams show examples of lawyers` work in the following areas: Anheuser-Busch InBev O: 6 L:7 I: 8 — Total 21 Global beverage company AB InBev`s digital ethics team uses gamification, making privacy and cybersecurity training more memorable for company employees. So far, 6,500 employees have been trained as part of the program, in which techniques include real-life scenarios and role-playing. The training is delivered through a digital platform that allows the team to track completion and gather feedback.

About 95% of managers and all employees have completed the course. Vodafone O: 7 L: 8 I: 8 — Total 23 The UK telecoms company will provide free internet connections to 1 million people in 2022. Vodafone`s legal team led the initiative and worked with charities working to end digital exclusion. The lawyers drafted customized contractual arrangements so connections could be made as quickly as possible, and the company had earned $500,000 in July. The lawyers also helped provide Ukrainian refugees with 200,000 free SIM cards. An indispensable text that will be of real use to lawyers and educators. — Chris Howard, Senior Tutor at the University of Law and member of the IBA`s Commission on the Future of Legal Services The team also developed methods to measure the performance of the legal department. A new knowledge management team has implemented learning programs focused on leadership and agile work. But what concrete steps can corporate legal departments actually take to do more with less? Here are several ways the company`s general counsel can think about their overall legal expenses: Non-legal requests may be directed to: Originality: 8 Leadership: 8 Impact: 8 — Total 24 Since April 2021, the Legal Department`s Digital Services team has taken significant steps to increase the efficiency of the Japanese IT specialist, starting with Europe. For example, it standardized more documentation to enable automation. In addition, the team automated more than 1,500 workflows using the ServiceNow digital platform, with data presented via dashboards.

More than half of the daily work is automated. The team launched an automated chatbot for company legal requests that can handle the most common topics. A permanent service centre has also been set up so that questions requiring a human response can be answered in a timely manner. “As the delivery of legal services goes beyond written documentation and advice, it becomes increasingly important to have the right team with the right skills to meet client demand for more integrated digital services. Adam Curphey`s book explores the diverse skills required to provide legal services in this new environment and build a diverse team to successfully address client challenges. An essential reading for a new era. — Lucy Dillon, Lucy Dillon Consulting Create your individual legal documents in 3 easy steps with TotalLegal™ Unsurprisingly, this pressure is reduced across the company`s infrastructure, and many corporate legal departments are feeling the pressure like never before as they are tasked with cutting costs and carefully evaluating expenses. So how can legal departments do more with less while managing the increasingly complex legal and compliance workload? Britvic O: 7 L: 8 I: 8 — Total 23 At beverage company Britvic, the legal team found that it lost significant value each year because manual processes prevented lawyers from recording expired counterparty obligations, such as payments and late fees. As a result, the team worked with their procurement and IT colleagues to develop automated contract design and approval systems with technology-appropriate contract templates. The legal team expects the moves to save up to £12 million over the next few years. Many GCs hire legal professionals as one of their first and largest hires, requiring these professionals to improve departmental efficiency, provide metrics to compare productivity, and provide insight into contract cycles to better streamline the work process.

Many lawyers reassess their talent needs to ensure that all resources are being leveraged effectively. When hiring, focus on more experienced talent who can use their legal skills beyond their area of expertise, making them more useful as public services that can help the department meet all their needs. Eon UK O: 6 L: 6 I: 6 — Total 18 The legal team used their existing technology to develop a new method of triaging legal work that standardized the way everyone in the company applies for legal assistance. The team uses Microsoft Planner to assign work and monitor priorities, providing a simple and easy way to view workload. A new case management tool centralized interactions and document sharing with the company and external consultants. Coca-Cola HBCO: 6 L: 6 I: 7 — Total 19 The bottling company`s legal team introduced tools to automate marketing collateral approval processes and the management of business relationships with law firms. In addition, the company implemented SAP Ariba contract management software for the company`s procurement team and developed a separate tool in-house to process more than 20,000 business contracts. The sales team can now access “pre-approved” contracts that do not require the intervention of a lawyer. European Investment Fund O: 6 L: 7 I: 7 — Total 20 The European Investment Fund, a subsidiary of the European Investment Bank, has established a Venture Capital Centre of Excellence to channel more resources to life sciences, particularly those supporting recovery from the Covid pandemic. The system uses an artificial intelligence tool to process new investments. The legal team solved complex privacy and intellectual property issues for ideas developed on the platform.

They have also contributed to cooperation between various parties. This strategy could mean tapping into legal talent in other countries, such as India, where employees or contractors can perform the most routine type of legal work, such as reviewing contracts and non-disclosure agreements (NDAs), due diligence on M&A transactions, or other high-volume, low-risk tasks. “Adam Curphey`s thoughtful work provides a new model of continuous learning, Law+, to help shape the multidisciplinary legal team of the future. Curphey`s abilities as an educator shine through the book; He writes with clarity, wit and wisdom and offers many practical examples in support of his thesis. This book will be invaluable to any organization looking to develop legal teams that collectively possess the skills clients truly need. — Isabel Parker, Executive Director of The Digital Legal Exchange and author of Successful Digital Transformation in Law Firms: A Question of Culture Colt Technology Services O: 7 L: 6 I: 7 — Total 20 Colt was the first telecommunications company in the world to implement the “Binding Corporate Rules” approved by the European Data Protection Board – a step that ensures a high level of protection. The legal department helped Colt obtain its certification. The legal profession needs more than law. Whether you are a student, a law school, a university, a law firm, or an in-house legal team, the legal team of the future is the ultimate guide to understanding and developing the holistic skills required by those working in legal services today and in the future.