Rto Rules for Number Plate in Maharashtra

For vehicles not falling into this category, the font height of the registration plates (front and rear) shall be 65 mm, with a width of 10 mm and a distance of 10 mm between each letter and each number. In addition, the registration plate of the vehicle must not bear symbols, names or stickers. HSRP registration can only be done offline for the state of Maharashtra. You have to go to the nearest regional transport office in Maharashtra to register for the Maharashtra HSRP plate. To do this, you must submit the relevant documents of your vehicle with the application. In addition, the amount for the process must be made at the end of the applicant. After that, officers review the application, on which an applicant can obtain their HSRP licence plate. The cost of registering HSRP license plates for old vehicles in Maharashtra is 400 rupees and 1100 rupees for two-wheelers and four-wheeled vehicles. Also Read: Types of License Plates in India and Their Meaning Vehicles with an engine of less than 70cc must have a vehicle license plate with a font height of 15mm and a width of 2.5mm. The distance between each letter and each number must be at least 2.5 mm. For 500cc vehicles or tricycles, the font height must be 35mm and the width 7mm. These vehicles shall be spaced at least 5 mm apart between each letter and each number.

RTO fines for displaying defective license plates on a vehicle are Rs. 1000/-. The fine imposed by civil servants amounts to millions of rupees throughout the country. HSRP plates are the new type of aluminum license plates. These plates can be tracked and monitored very easily. This reduces the risk of vehicle theft. In addition, they are tamper-proof and cannot be repaired after removal. It is mandatory for all older vehicles to register for HSRP license plates. On the other hand, new vehicles registered after April 1, 2019 will only be marked with HSRP plates at the time of purchase of the vehicle.

The installation of these signs is mandatory for four-wheeled vehicles and two-wheelers. Below are the details of the HSRP license plate registration process in Maharashtra. (2) The number and size of letters for all vehicles shall be indicated in the brochure for each category. 4. Vehicles with dealers have letters and numbers in white letters. 3. The display of your license plate on the front and rear of your vehicle corresponds to the brochure. In order to curb vehicle theft and make their identity marks more uniform, the Union Government has HSRP from 1. April 2019 made it mandatory for every newly registered vehicle and required manufacturers to affix these license plates to every new vehicle before handing them over to customers. In more than 61 lakh vehicles, HSRPs are installed with normal screws and nut bolts instead of the pressure lock or rivets, which is a violation of HSRP rules. By April 2019, all vehicles sold will have to be equipped with high-security license plates capable of scanning for theft alarms, according to the Department of Road Traffic and Highways. The Delhi Department of Transport has started fining vehicles without HSRP or color-coded fuel stickers.

An amount of Rs 10,000 is to be imposed for this offence, but the penalty has been increased to Rs 5,500, given the time it takes people to get used to the new rules on license plates. 5. If you have written a number on a piece of paper and stuck it on your vehicle, you will receive a barge. (1) On the registration plate issued by the OTR, the first two letters shall indicate the State or territory of the Union in which the vehicle is registered. HSRP license plates offer a number of advantages. They have put the government and vehicle owners at an advantage over conventional license plates. They help ensure the need for safety and allow authorities to easily track any vehicle. Here are the main benefits of an HSRP and color-coded sticker for your vehicle: In order to identify the type of vehicle in each category, the Mumbai Traffic Department has established guidelines and rules for the coloring of license plates, which have 3 main differences (number of lines used in the vehicle, background color and colors of letters and numbers).