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Today, The LAW is better known as Roy Williams, father of Pepper drummer Yesod Williams. With his bandmates Kaleo Wassman and Bret Bollinger; Pepper founded his own label and named the label LAW Records in homage to The LAW. Pepper`s mission is to make sure that good music never goes unnoticed. The beginnings of the Berlin heavy metal band METAL LAW date back to 1997, when Karsten Degling (vocals, guitar) founded the band under the name REUDIG, which then evolved into RAPID FIRE before coming to terms with the current name that best reflects the band`s music. Musically influenced were mainly classic German metal bands such as ACCEPT and RUNNING WILD, but also MANOWAR and British metal heroes Iron Maiden and JUDAS PRIEST. LAW Records is the best underground music, music that matters. As a vehicle to promote the release of the first and only album of “The LAW`S”; “NONE ESCAPE” LAW Records was born around 1983. Years later, it seemed like a record company wasn`t all this band needed, The LAW disbanded just before dawn because most bands stumbled upon the same thing at that time; Drugs, let`s say “women”. After participating in the W:O:A Metal Battle 2006 (under the name RAPID FIRE) and conquering the hearts of the public, the band changed its name to METAL LAW and established itself in the German Underground Metal, played at both Protzen Open Air and Headbangers Open Air festivals and shared the stage with bands like BLITZKRIEG, METAL CHURCH, ULYSSES SIREN, METAL INQUISITOR, VIRON, POWERVICE, KORPIKLAANI and many others. After “Hellrider” finally saw the light of day, METAL LAW will start again in full speed in 2017. In the mid-seventies, the band was a funk and rock band consisting of Ronnie Lee Cunningham (vocals and keyboards), John McIver (bass), Steve Lawrence (bass), Tom Poole (drums) and Steve Acker (guitar). Tom Poole had replaced their first drummer, Steve Lawrence.

Steve Lawrence returned to the band at a later date. In 2013, due to continued demand, Metal on Metal decided to reissue the sold-out “Lawbreaker” CD, now titled “Lawbreaker” Second Edition, with a slightly different cover design. In addition to the remastered sound, the new edition features three bonus tracks from the band`s coffers – demo songs recorded under the name REUDIG – a real treat for hardcore fans. If you give a turn to METAL LAW`s second album “Lawbreaker”, it won`t be long before you realize what this band is about. As the band`s name suggests, heavy metal is the law when you listen to their songs – there are no compromises, no “intermediate attempts” to blend in with modern metal music that has changed so much since its origins. It is on these origins that METAL LAW focuses, bringing back traditional heavy metal as it should be and presenting it in a live with chains and leather, lots of solos, melodic tracks and fast and rolling rhythms. After a concert with BATTLE BEAST in Berlin in May 2015, Gino left the band. As guitar recordings progressed in the studio, former TANGENT PLANE bassist Bodo Hildebrand, who had previously seen the band live, struck up a conversation with Karsten and eventually joined the band to play a few more shows in 2015, starting with a support gig for British NWOBHM legends RAVEN in Berlin in September.

Bodo brought his strong bass skills to the stage, but stayed away from the process of recording the album on his own initiative. In January 2007, METAL LAWS released their debut album “Night of the Wolf” on Battle Cry Records. With catchy songs, inspired solos, double tracks and charismatic and slightly rough vocals, the album marked the band`s “metal roots” style. The show was sold out and other concerts followed in 2007; METAL LAW opened for SABATON and THUNDERBOLT. In its early days, the band`s line-up changed several times before Michael Dobbertin (bass) joined the band at the end of 2002 and fully supported Karsten`s musical vision. Still under the name REUDIG, the band recorded and released their first album “Hunter & Prey” in 2004. After the success of “Lawbreaker”, which was confirmed by many positive reviews on the Internet and in the print media, METAL LAW continued to prove with powerful concerts. The band`s performance is always tight and focused, but confident and relaxed, attracting the audience and exciting the eyes and ears of every metalhead. They had signed with GRC Records and recorded their first album in 1975 at GRC Records Studio. The album also features Memphis Horns, Joe Lala on Perussion and Albhy Galuten on synthesizer.[1] The album was not a success, but Ronnie Lee Cunningham`s Wake Up caught the attention of Roger Daltrey.[5] Daltrey and his manager Bill Curbishly signed Law to their production company. They toured Law with The Who and signed her to MCA Records.

The band disbanded after the release of their second album MCA, Hold On to It.[1] The band is particularly notable for their support of Roger Daltrey of The Who, as well as the later inclusion of Roy Kenner, formerly of The James Gang, as lead singer. LINKS: Metal Law website Metal Law @ Facebook Metal Law YouTube Playlist 2010 was a year of change, as one by one, each member left the band and Karsten kept them together while he searched for replacements. In 2011 he found Christoph Kleinwächter to replace Michael on bass and the duo played with a few drummers looking for the perfect fit. Musically, no compromise was made when they found Maximilian Schulz as the new rhythm engine of METAL LAW in 2012. The search for a second guitarist proved difficult, but ended when Nicolas Rotter was hired to support Karsten`s guitar work and bring back the duality without which the band`s music could not function. ORIGIN: Germany (Berlin), 1997 (as REUDIG), 2006 (as METAL LAW) Shortly before the spring of 1976, drummer Steve Lawrence returned to the band to replace Tom Poole. They also decided to add a second singer to their line-up. At the suggestion of their producers, Ron and Howard Albert, who had found a few singers who did not get the job.

The next consideration was Roy Kenner of the James Gang. Steve Acker flew to Toronto to interview him. Acker then invites him to join the group. Kenner accepted his offer and later moved to Ohio. This brought the group`s line to five. In 2007, Acker signed a development and production contract with @SST Studios in New York, NY, for which he wrote numerous songs and documentary themes.[6] Along with SST owner John Hanti, he founded University Jams in January 2012 as an outgrowth of “Bulldog Blitz” to produce new theme songs and fight songs. After Superstorm destroyed Sandy SST on October 28, 2012, Acker returned to Mississippi to pursue his advertising career. He continues to compose jingles and write songs and occasionally performs for concerts. In the spring of 2013, shortly after the release of the EP “Lord of Evil”, Nico left the band and the band was looking for a new guitarist again. They rehearsed with several contestants until they found Mario Bergfelder from REBEL ROOTS, who jumped straight into guitar tasks with ambition.